Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Cotton Work Scrubs

Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Cotton Work Scrubs

The toga was made of cotton, timeless and useful, but its abilities are limited.

It’s time to join the current timeline.


As a hard working medical professional, you need to wear a scrub outfit that stands up to the grueling tasks you endure and the all-day hustle and its remnant’s. 


Synthetic and new eco-fibers are a smarter and more durable choice for medical scrubs. Silver, the key ingredient in antimicrobial technologies, is bacteriostatic, which means it stops bacteria from reproducing. That’s why it has been an integral part of man’s daily use for centuries and is now becoming more widely used in healthcare products.


To truly safeguard you from disease, bacteria, spilled coffee and most kinds of accidents, you need to make sure that the technology used has been tested and proven to be effective. 


The German SilverPlus® Silver Ion Technology utilized in our Tek Shield blend, goes beyond the basic, traditional uses to bring you even more benefits. 


You’ll save money. It’s true. Your scrubs thrive at low washing temperatures. This means they get fresh and clean while you save money on your energy bill and detergent consumption.


You won’t stink. With the active silver ingredient protective system in place, your scrubs won’t retain any odors, especially after extended use and wear. 


You’re helping the environment. There are a lot of technologies out there that have protective and anti-bacterial claims. But can you be sure of the environmental impact of each? The amount with which SilverPlus® returns back to nature is consistent with the average silver content naturally occurring in soil or rocks; it’s neutral. 


Efficiency. Because you’re washing your scrubs at low temperatures, you get a better C02 balance, reducing your carbon footprint and prolonging the life span of the garment.  


Durability. SilverPlus® is anchored to the fabric through micro-pigmentation making it resilient to heavy washes and standard detergents. After repeated wash and dry cycles, this powerful technology remains bonded to the scrubs to keep you protected wear after wear. 


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