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"Do you want to be ensconced in velvet, but feel impervious to those nasty microbes that are lingering all over your clinic?  I feel like the walking combination of Louis Pasteur and a goat wandering the Gobi Desert.  The perfect combination of McDreamy and McSteamy.  Why not have function and fashion melded together so I can keep my mind on diagnostic wizardry.  In other words, these scrubs are great!"

- Dr. Rosenberg, M.D


The most innovative, comfortable, Fashion forward Scrub technology offered in the industry.  While working with patients all day they are the most Comfortable scrubs/attire that I have tested!  Keep up the great work guys and you’re doing the industry in community a tremendous service."

Dr. Rubin

The greatest thing about my new Tek Scrubs is the lightweight flexibility I have when treating my patients. They have an amazing stretch to the fabric and I do not get hot like I did wearing cotton scrubs for several years.
Lastly I have an English Golden Retriever and my old scrubs would need to be rolled several times per day to remove the white dog hair. The Tek Scrubs completely repel any lint or animal hair so there is no need to use the lint roller ever again!
Love my new scrubs

Dr. Leach

Such amazing feeling when you fit into your scrubs. Tek-Scrubs are very professional, comfortable and Elegant, perfect fit for every type of body.

Dr. Shad, D.C.

This is fantastic, I feel like a movie star the way y'all are taking care of me, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

I am definitely conquering everything with these scrubs on! I actually wore one of the scrubs today to work and got tons of compliments & I recommended Tek Scrubs to my coworkers as they are super comfortable and stylish. 

Trusted by Industry Professionals


Molecularly, silver inhibits the growth of microbes on contact. The medical industry has been utilizing the properties of silver to defend against infections for decades. One gram of the micro-structured silver active ingredient can protect an area of 600,000 cm². Silver has been proven to help stop the reproduction of bacteria. Thus, our scrubs can help to prevent the spread of infections in clinics and hospitals, which are caused by the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus strain (MRSA).


With SILVER INFUSED fabric, our scrubs take on whole new properties. Our scrubs dry rapidly, and with the anti-microbial properties, odor producing bacteria doesn't grow. No more ripe smelling scrubs at the end of your shift.


Traditional scrubs are often riddled lint, hair, pet fur and other debris stick to the fabric. Our silver-infused fabric blend doesn't allow static to form around the scrubs. 

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